Cultural Bridges Used Cultural Intelligence (CQ) as a Tool For Measuring Institutional Change

According to the Cultural Intelligence Center, CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE (CQ) is a globally recognized way of assessing and improving effectiveness in culturally diverse situations. It’s rooted in rigorous, academic research conducted across more than 100 countries.

A glimpse into the validity of CQ:

Present in 100 countries

Over 60,000 respondents to the CQ assessment

100,00 professionals interviewed

Over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles

Cultural Intelligence(CQ) provides a model for diagnosing and responding to intercultural situations. One’s CQ can be enhanced and improved through a variety of learning methods.

Just a few organizations around the world who have benefited from CQ training

About Cultural Bridges - Cultural IQ

We are Cultural Bridges and are proud to be offering the well know and established Cultural Intelligence (CQ) training right here in Canada. Our team are experienced cultural officers and enjoy helping organizations, community groups, businesses, and schools relate and work effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds and it goes beyond existing notions of cultural sensitivity and awareness. With cultural intelligence, you’ll know how to strategically use cultural differences to come up with more innovative solutions.


Let’s talk about raising your organization’s Cultural IQ.

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