About Cultural IQ

According to the Cultural Intelligence Center, CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE (CQ) is a globally recognized way of assessing and improving effectiveness in culturally diverse situations. It’s rooted in rigorous, academic research conducted across more than 100 countries.

A glimpse into the validity of CQ:

Present in 100 countries

Over 60,000 respondents to the CQ assessment

100,00 professionals interviewed

Over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles

Just a few organizations around the world who have benefited from CQ training

About Malvina

Chief Cultural Officer and Founder of Cultural Bridges Inc.
Certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitator

Malvina Rapko was born in Kishinev, Moldova and came to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as an infant.  Over the years, she has lived abroad and done some extensive traveling, but Saskatoon has always remained her home.

Malvina has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in International Studies and has been working and volunteering in the international field for over twenty years. She has completed both the Cultural Intelligence Level 1 and 2 certification programs and is in the process of completing the Cultural Intelligence Unconscious Bias certification program as well.

She has a broad knowledge of the cultural challenges in international education and newcomer settlement.  She served as the recruitment manager and homestay coordinator at the Saskatoon International High School Program.

About Kelly

Chief Education Officer and Cultural Liason

Kelly Rapko was born in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.  Now residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, he has lived or worked on five different continents.  Kelly has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Studies and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CERTESL) from the University of Saskatchewan.  He has been teaching for thirteen years.

In addition to working for Cultural Bridges, he teaches Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) in both a local high school and at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  

Besides helping newcomers get comfortable with English, Kelly enjoys sports, travel, music and spending time with his beautiful wife and two children.

Our Workshops

We offer a number of cultural workshops to suite a variety of needs. Our workshops are designed to help you start from the beginning or build upon current programs. These workshops have been developed for educational institutions, corporations, individuals, government agencies and nonprofits.

Let’s talk about raising your organization’s Cultural IQ.

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