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Public Speaking

Hire Cultural Bridges at your next event.  We are able to speak on a number of topics within the realm of intercultural engagement.  Whether you are looking for someone to talk about creating cultural connections in the workplace, how to welcome newcomers, strategies for working with international students or any theme related to racism and stereotyping, consider Cultural Bridges.

Please contact us if you have a specific topic, you’d like covered.

The following are a list of some public speaking topics:

  • What is CQ and Why Do You Need It?
  • Strategies for Creating a Culturally Intelligent Classroom™
  • Difficult Conversations: Communicating and Problem Solving in Intercultural Settings
  • Creating Meaningful and Sustainable Intercultural Relationships
  • Preparing for Cultural Differences
  • Bias – It’s a Human Bi-Product
  • Intercultural Engagement:  Why it’s Necessary
  • Curiosity & Culture:  What’s the Connection?
  • Working with Canadians
  • Culture & the Community
  • Homestay Adaptation:  Helping International Students and Homestay Providers Adapt
  • Retaining Hosts & Rekindling Enthusiasm for Homestay
  • Homesickness & Culture Shock
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