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About Malvina

Chief Cultural Officer and Founder of Cultural Bridges Inc.
Certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitator

My passion for Cultural Bridges began long ago. For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to culture, global citizenship and travel. I consider myself an ethnic cultural sponge. I absorb the information and experiences around. I strongly believe that it is important to learn about different cultures and to share your own culture with others. I am the cultural bridge that brings people together in an authentic environment where real experiences are created..

I came to Canada as a refugee with my parents. The people of Saskatoon welcomed us and helped us realize that Saskatchewan was the perfect place for us to begin again. That sentiment has continued to this day. In my opinion, to be from Saskatchewan is to be truly Canadian: friendly, welcoming and we know how to have fun, even in the winter. Without a doubt, Saskatchewan was the obvious choice as my company’s first destination for international travellers. Come check out my home, Saskatoon, and other fantastic places all over Saskatchewan. You’re always welcome.

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Professional Highlights:

Twenty years plus of refining intercultural skills

Fifteen years of establishing strong homestay experience

Twelve years summer camp involvement (camper, counsellor and director)

Three years of active and successful international recruitment

Trained and certified in Cultural Intelligence Facilitation and Consultation

Trained and certified in Unconscious Bias Facilitation and Consultation

Completed Entrepreneurship Management program

Developed and implemented numerous summer camps

Graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a B.A. in International (Development) Studies

Received a YMCA Young Woman of Distinction Award

Recipient of the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal

Lived abroad

Travelled to 50 countries

Cultural Bridges Kelly Rapko International Program

About Kelly

Chief Education Officer and Cultural Liason

Having worked or lived on five different continents, I understand the value of language acquisition. In order to function at a high level, whether for business or pleasure, it is extremely beneficial to have the right tools to communicate in social environments. This is called Functional English. To be highly successful, English students should seek to succeed in the four main areas: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

As a professional instructor for thirteen years, I know that English must be taught in a culturally authentic, meaningful way. Therefore, students must learn to be equally as proficient in non-verbal communication as they would be in instructional English. Facial expressions, body movements and posture, gestures, eye contact, touch, space and voice are just as important! Attending a local summer camp will give you a fantastic way to improve your functional English.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and attending one of my FUNctional English classes!

Professional Highlights:

Thirteen years teaching English as a Second Language

Graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a B.A. (Honours) International (Development) Studies

Teaching Certificate (CERTESL) from the University of Saskatchewan

Three years of active and successful international recruitment

Expertise with Functional English

College, High School and Elementary School teaching experience

Gold medal in the Saskatchewan Summer Games (Soccer)

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