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Summer camp at a lake in Saskatchewan


Congratulations, you have found our website and are now considering to spend your summer holiday in Canada’s best kept secret: Saskatchewan. First of all, fantastic choice. Second of all, welcome to our lovely little province of exciting endless cultural and linguistic opportunities.

How can I improve my English over the summer?

One reason: summer camp. We have spent our entire summer traveling around the whole province of Saskatchewan (insert mileage), ok, well, not the whole province but you get the idea. We met with camp directors, staff and campers to find the most exciting camps where learning about Canadian culture and improving your English will be the best way to spend your summer.
Saskatchewan is a province with a lot of lush greenery, refreshing lakes, natural wildlife and some of the friendliest Canadians you will ever find.

Does this mean I have to go to summer school at a camp?

Nope. No classrooms, no schools. You will improve your English living as an international camper surrounded by local campers. Instant friendships, language improvement and a Canadian cultural experience in the stunning Saskatchewan outdoors. What more could you want??

Where will I sleep? Do I stay at camp the whole time?

When you first arrive you will have the opportunity to stay with local homestay (click here for homestay) family for a few days to rest and ease into Saskatchewan culture before heading to your camp. All of our camps are overnight. During your whole camping experience you will stay in cabins, tents or dormitories depending on your camp. Rooms are shared with six to ten other campers and one or two counsellors. Living at camp with other campers is a fun and cozy experience.

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What kinds of activities happen at camp?

Each camp has so much to offer.  Here’s a list to get you excited:





Horseback riding



Games, games, and more games


Song & Dance






Wall Climbing


Gaga Ball

Wilderness training

And so much more...

Will these activities be offered at each camp?

The simple answer is no. The biggest reason is that some camps are “water camps” located near a lake and others are land camps with no water activities. Also, some camps specialize in certain activities like horseback riding, paintball and wilderness training so these aren’t offered everywhere.

This sounds amazing!!

We’re glad you’re excited. Please check out our FAQ section if you have any questions or contact us for more information.

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