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Establishing an International Student Program

Cultural Bridges provides a robust and hands-on strategy for setting up new international student programs (ISP). We guide you through the steps of establishing a new program. We know what it takes to be part of a successful ISP and we use our years of experience to create a thriving program for you.

International student programs are impactful on multiple levels.  They provide long lasting memories for all who get involved:

  1. Local students get an opportunity to learn more about students who live and study in different countries.  They become global enlightened and profoundly aware of the world around them through their peer experiences.
  2. Homestay families welcome a new family member into their homes.  They share their Canadian cultural practices while learning about their international student.
  3. The schools not only benefit from more cultural diversity in classrooms but also the unique perspectives and experiences that come along with being an international student.
  4. The community at large also receives a profound cultural and financial benefit of welcoming students to their towns and schools.  International students pay tuition and come to their new community with a spending allowance that allows them to shop and dine locally.  The financial benefits can be a significant contribution to increasing the vitality and programming in local schools, community centers and businesses.
  5. International students benefit greatly from living and studying in a cultural and linguistic immersion environment. By coming to Saskatchewan they will not only improve their English but also have a truly Canadian cultural experience that will leave a lasting impact.


The people of Saskatchewan are hospitable, caring and welcoming.  Three great qualities that make us truly Canadian. It’s our responsibility to share this with the rest of the world.  Inquire about starting your international program with the support and expertise of Cultural Bridges Inc.

Our consulting service is multifaceted and provides support before, during and after an international program is created. The length and breadth of the support is determined once an agreement is established between Cultural Bridges Inc. and the academic institution.


Some of the services we provide are as follows:

  1. Assisting in the creation of a collaborative and comprehensive Strategic Plan that aligns the needs of the academic institution with the expectations and abilities of the international study abroad community
  2. Supporting the vision and mission statements of the academic institutions
  3. Implementing effective administrative practices
  4. Creating a cost-effective marketing strategy
  5. Providing updates on International Education Market Trends
  6. Establishing a clear line of communication between all involved parties
  7. Facilitating intercultural engagement workshops and orientation sessions
  8. Connecting necessary service providers with the academic institutions to support the needs of the international program and the greater community

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