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How do you select and train your staff?

Many staff have grown up as campers and Counselors-in-Training. All camp staff are selected through a hiring process which includes an intensive interview, reference checks, and a background check screening. Staff also participate in training sessions run by senior camp staff and professionals from the community.

How long are the camp sessions?

Camp sessions vary depending on the camp you attend.  On average each camp session is a week but there are some that are longer. We custom build your schedule while you are in Saskatchewan so it’s possible to attend two different camps that are a week each.  Depending on your age, it’s also possible to attend the same camp for two consecutive weeks.

What type of kids comes to the camps?

Local youth from all over Saskatchewan attend these camps. Some camps are close to either the Alberta or Manitoba borders so youth from neighbouring provinces attend the camps as well.  There are also international campers from all over the world.

Do campers get to choose their activities?

Our goal is to provide a well-balanced program for each child. We want to expose each camper to as many cultural camp activities as possible, so campers will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of pre-scheduled activities. In some situations campers will be asked to preregister for some activities or pay extra for specific skill building offerings.  These options will be offered following registration.

Can we communicate with our family and friends while at camp?

Parents cannot call their child at camp but can contact a Cultural Bridges representative to get an update on their child’s progress.  The camp’s professional team will be in touch with a Cultural Bridges representative should any concerns arise. International campers cannot communicate with their family or friends while at camp.

I am coming to Saskatchewan with my child. Can I visit the camp?

For the safety of all campers and staff visitors are not allowed without a scheduled visit. If you would like to schedule a visit, please contact us and we would be happy to arrange a convenient time.  Some camps over camping opportunities for parents as well.

How can I best prepare my child for a first camp experience?

It is important that if your child is a first time camper they be prepared for their camp experience. Teaching your child how to make a bed and folding their clothes will help your child adjust to camp life. We will also be doing an orientation for all international campers after they arrive in Saskatchewan.

Can my child leave camp?

Campers cannot leave camp at any time without the permission of the Camp Director and Cultural Bridges.

What should I pack for my child?

Clothes for camp should be durable, inexpensive, and informal. Warm weather clothing and rain gear are essential. It is a good idea to write your name all on items.


Please make sure to send the following with your child to camp:


☐ T-shirts

☐ Bunnyhug (hooded sweatshirt)

☐ Shorts

☐ Bathing suit (one piece for girls)

☐ Long pants (jeans for horseback riding)

☐ Underwear (one pair for each day)

☐ Socks

☐ Running Shoes

☐ Sandals

☐ Hat

☐ Raincoat

☐ Two Towels (one for showers and one for the beach)

☐ Sleeping Bag

☐ Pillow

☐ Toothbrush

☐ Toothpaste

☐ Hairbrush/Comb

☐ Sunscreen

☐ Bug Spray

☐ Deodorant

☐ Shampoo

☐ Soap

☐ Flashlight

☐ Notebook & Pen

☐ Water bottle

☐ Medications (if any)

Is there camp laundry?

There is no laundry service provided to campers while they are at camp.

What is NOT allowed at most camps?

Leave expensive items at home!  Leaning items in your home country or with your homestay is the only option.  The following items typically distract kids during their time at camp. We want campers to be away from the noise and distractions of normal life for their week at camp. Camp is often a place where campers get dirty and things can go missing.

  • Cell phones
  • Portable media players (iPods?
  • Tablets (iPads…)
  • Jewelry
  • Expensive clothes and shoes
  • Non-prescription medication


The following items are strictly prohibited and most are considered illegal in Saskatchewan and Canada for underage youth:

  • Knives
  • Matches
  • Lighters
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Vapes
  • Cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs

Please note that Cultural Bridges Programs Inc. is not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items. If campers bring any of the strictly prohibited and illegal items to camp they will be sent home with no notice and parents will be charged for all incurred expenses.

Can you request that my child be in a cabin with their friend?

Yes you can make a request.  Camps will try to accommodate one friend per camper request.  If they request cannot be accommodated, than the friend will be put in a nearby cabin.  The friend must be in the same grade. Please know that the sleeping assignments are done in the best interest of all campers.

Where do the campers sleep?

Campers live in spacious cabins or lodges that include shelving, storage, bunk beds and nearby washrooms with showers and toilets.  In some cases, campers will live in tents.

How many campers in each accommodation? How many counsellors in each accommodation?

Cabins and lodges can accommodate various numbers of campers.  They range from 4-12 campers and with 1-4 senior and junior counsellors in each once.  The tents also range from 4-6 campers per ten with 1-2 counsellors.

What kind of food does camp offer?

Saskatchewan camp food is all about kid friendly, nutritious and delicious comfort food.  Food that kids look forward to having every summer. Breakfast can include granola, yogurt, fruit, jam, eggs, toast, bacon/ham, and even pancakes or waffles.  Lunches and suppers can include hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta, baked or grilled meat, sandwiches, grilled cheese, chili, stews, salads, soups, and pizza. There’s even dessert at some meals.  A vegetarian option and lactose-free meal are also available for those who indicate such food restrictions on their camp form. Camps may be able accommodate other dietary restrictions.

What is sold at the camp tuck/canteen (snack) shop?

Most camps have a snack shop. Campers have the option to buy snacks (potato chips, chocolate bars, candy, granola bars, frozen treats…) and drinks (juice, water, pop). Campers are able to access the tuck shop once or five times per week.  Tuck is included as part of the camp fee ($35/wk). Some camps also sell some clothing or other camp items that campers can also purchase. Further details are explained in correspondence with a Cultural Bridges staff member.

What kind of medical facilities does camp have?

All camps are fully equipped to handle minor emergencies and have evacuation plans in place in case of medical emergencies.  Camp staff know exactly how to get to the nearest hospital and medical facility if necessary. Some camps have a doctor on staff while others have nurses on staff throughout the summer. All counsellors are also trained in First Aid and CPR.  All prescription medications brought by campers must be turned over to the nurse on registration day. Camps do have basic non-prescription medication (for headaches, minor pains, for dehydration…).

What if my child takes regular medications?

Regular medications are distributed through the infirmary (medical facility). The camp medical staff team will ensure that your child receives his/her medication as required. Please do not send non-prescription medications with your child.  Emergency Inhalers and EpiPen’s can be kept by campers after notifying the nurse that your child has this item.

Can you accommodate allergies?

Yes. Please specify your allergies on the registration page. Each camp strives to provide the safest environment possible for every camper.

Can I cancel my registration?

There is a cancellation fee of $200.00 for each application cancelled before March 1st. After March 1st and before April 15th, there is a cancellation fee of $400.00 for each application cancelled. There are no refunds after April 15, 2018.

Is there transportation offered?

It is most common for local parents drive their children to camp.  Cultural Bridges offers transportation on an individual request basis.  Please contact us for more information.

Is there anything else I should know?

Overnight camps in Saskatchewan are faith based. They are all supported by Christian churches and vary in religious belief.  Some camps are more causal and passive in their religious expectations of campers and others are more active and expect their campers to fully participate in prayers and other religious activities. Regardless of expectations, all the camps are friendly, welcoming and offer a caring and supportive environment to all of their campers. For more information contact Cultural Bridges.

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