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Canadian Education

Canada is one of the most respected countries in the world for its high levels of student achievement, multiculturalism and safety.  In fact, sending your child to Canada for school is one of the best ways to prepare them for independence, multicultural interactions, college, global citizenry or university.

Canada is divided into provinces and each province has a Ministry of Education. Primary and secondary schools are divided into the following categories:

  • Elementary school Kindergarten (ages 4 or 5) to Grade 5 or 6 
  • Junior High or Middle School Grades 6/7 8 or 9
  • High School Grades 9/10 to 12 (graduating at age 17 or 18). 

Cultural Bridges only places students at local high schools. 

Saskatchewan Schools

In Saskatchewan we mostly have public schools that are administered by various Public School Divisions or Separate School Divisions (Catholic Public Schools).  All divisions are public schools and are expected to offer the same curriculum and high level of academic standing.

Publicly-funded schools are managed at the local level by elected school boards, which deliver the standard provincial curriculum in addition to some specialized programs of study. Almost all public schools have male and female students in the same classes. They offer day programs only. International students can choose to study in English, French, or both languages*.

International students attending public schools typically live in ‘homestay’ with a Canadian host family. However, students are also welcome to live with a family friend, relative or even a parent. For more information on homestay please visit our FAQ page and homestay page

*Based on availability.

High School

Cultural Bridges provides opportunities for students to attend high schools all around the sunny province of Saskatchewan. We specializes in providing individualized care and attention for all of our students.  We work with smaller schools that reflect our mission and help create a sense of community for their international students. 

We offer the following placements for high school students:

Academic Full Year 

For a longer study abroad experience, international students can study in Canada, a full academic year, or longer.  Graduating in Canada is also an option for international students! In fact, coming to Canada for school is one of the best ways to prepare them for continuing their studies in Canada at college or university.

Academic Half Year

For a shorter study abroad experience, international students are welcome to come and study for one school semester.  Schools in Saskatchewan are organized in two semesters. The options are to study from September to January or February to June. Both semesters offer their own opportunities and unique experience in course offerings*, sports, weather and local holidays 

Short Term  

Shorter program options are available! Short term programs are offered throughout the entire year from one week to three months.  They offer international students the opportunity to improve their English language skills while also enjoying a Canadian cultural experience.  Short term programs are organized through schools or agencies based in countries of origin and vary according to interest and availability.

Our high schools vary depending on the needs of our students and the locations of our schools. 

All programs are offered in modern classrooms with skilled teachers and updated technology. Whichever program you choose will provide the experience you are looking for in a Canadian international program.

For more information please contact us. 

*This only applies to specialized courses.  Required courses are always offered in both semesters.


Malvina has a passion for introducing people from all over the world to everything that Saskatoon has to offer. Malvina is sure to provide the best possible language and cultural experience for anyone coming to Canada.

– Julia and Dean, Saskatoon

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