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If that didn’t convince you then where else in the world can you find towns named:  Eyebrow, Drinkwater, Forget, Carrot River, Elbow and Love. Come and check out these towns and see how their names are not the only thing interesting about each one.


We know, it’s hard to pronounce and even harder to spell!

The province of Saskatchewan is definitely Canada’s best-kept secret. That’s why you haven’t heard of this flat and fabulous province.  If you ask a Saskatchewanian about why, (yes, that’s what we are called because Saskatchewan wasn’t long enough already) this province is less known, they’d say it’s because we prefer showing it to people instead of talking about it.  Saskatchewan really is the epitome of what Canada is most known for around the world: 

  • Friendly people
  • The great outdoors
  • Lots of space
  • Fun people
  • Fresh air
  • Snow, snow, snow
  • Welcoming people

When you come to Saskatchewan be prepared to get the real Canadian experience.  We’re a large province with a small population so there’s a lot of room for guests.  We love sharing our province with others. Come, and stay for a while. Improve your English and meet some great Canadians. 

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The Saskatchewan Flag

Saskatchewan’s official flag features the provincial shield of arms along with the Western Red Lily. The flag’s colours represent the Saskatchewan landscape. Half of the flag is green, in honour of Saskatchewan’s northern forests. The other half is gold, representing the southern grain areas.

Diverse Prairies

It probably comes as a big surprise that a prairie province would have amazing sand dunes that are accessible to all visitors. The Athabasca sand dunes are the biggest active dune fields in Canada, and the largest this far north anywhere in the entire world. The sand is soft and clean and the dunes offer a lot of outdoor fun for everyone. You don’t have to go all the way to the desert to experience the thrills of the sand dunes.  You can come to Saskatchewan and get it all here.

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Water On the Prairies

We have over 100,000 lakes!  Definitely enough options for swimming.  Going to summer cabins (cottages) is a favorite pastime for many locals.  Good thing we have enough lakes for everyone to enjoy.

We even have a small lake called, Manitou Lake which has a mineral density three times greater than the ocean, so visitors can come and float in the water while reading a book!

All Roads Lead to Somewhere

You may be wondering why our roads are worth mentioning.  Well, our camps are located all over the province so driving is a big part of Saskatchewan tourism.  Did you know that Saskatchewan has more roads than all the other provinces in Canada?! We have enough roads to circle the equator four times!  Imagine all the possibilities for adventures….they are virtually endless.

History on Display

Saskatchewan has an abundance of exciting museums all over the province.  Perhaps our biggest claim to fame are the “living museums” where museum-goers can look and touch.  Living museums offer exciting tactile experiences for all generations. We even have a dinosaur museum that features archeological findings right here in Saskatchewan – our very own Jurassic Park!

Abundant Daylight

Saskatoon has the most hours of sunlight per year than any city in Canada – that’s right, ask any local and they’ll tell you about the never-ending summer nights in the city, and of course the beautiful sunsets!

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