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About Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is a critical part of setting yourself apart in today’s globalized world. It’s the ability to relate and work effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds and it goes beyond existing notions of cultural sensitivity and awareness. With cultural intelligence, you’ll know how to strategically use cultural differences to come up with more innovative solutions.


In culturally diverse situations, CQ predicts:

  • Personal Adjustment and Adaptability
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Negotiation Effectiveness
  • Trust, Idea Sharing, and Innovation
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Profitability and Cost-Savings Measures

About Malvina – Founding Cultural Officer

Malvina Rapko was born in Kishinev, Moldova and came to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as an infant.  Over the years, she has lived abroad and done some extensive travelling, but Saskatoon has always remained her home.   

Malvina has been working and volunteering in the international field for over twenty years. She has a broad knowledge of the cultural challenges in international education and newcomer settlement.  She worked as the recruitment manager and homestay coordinator at the Saskatoon International High School Program, as well as a newcomer settlement worker with the Saskatoon Open Door Society and has served many years as a member and former board member of World University Services of Canada.


Professional Highlights:

  • Twenty years plus of refining intercultural skills 
  • Fifteen years of establishing strong homestay experience
  • Twelve years of summer camp involvement (camper, counsellor and director)
  • Three years of active and successful international recruitment
  • Trained and certified in Cultural Intelligence Facilitation and Consultation
  • Trained and certified in Unconscious Bias Facilitation and Consultation 
  • Completed Entrepreneurship Management program
  • Developed and implemented numerous summer camps
  • Graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a B.A. in International (Development) Studies
  • Received the YMCA Young Woman of Distinction Award
  • Recipient of the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal
  • Lived and worked abroad
  • Travelled to over 50 countries

About Kelly

Kelly Rapko was born in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.  Now residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, he has lived or worked on five different continents.  In addition to working for Cultural Bridges, he also taught Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) in both a local high school and at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  He has also worked for numerous settlement and ESL/EAL agencies such as The Global Gathering Place, Glory (Korean) Learning Center, Saskatchewan Intercultural Association and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. 

Professional Highlights:

  • Thirteen years teaching English as a Second Language
  • Graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a B.A. (Honours) International (Development) Studies
  • Teaching Certificate (CERTESL) from the University of Saskatchewan
  • Developed and implemented Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) in High School Program
  • Expertise with Functional English
  • College, High School and Elementary School teaching experience
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