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Living in a homestay is one of the best ways to experience cultural and linguistic immersion. There is no better way to be to introduced to a new culture than living with a local family.

Homestay providers play a fundamental role in the success of cultural bridging between countries. They provide a welcoming, safe, and enjoyable experience. A Canadian homestay experience provides the perfect setting for learning English and experiencing Saskatchewan culture.

The Cultural Bridges Homestay Program is truly an enriching adventure for all involved. Come share your culture with someone while learning about their culture.

I’m excited to live with a homestay family please tell me more:

The Cultural Bridges homestay staff interview families and visit their homes to assess the family’s ability to provide a supportive and secure home and family life. Our staff works diligently to ensure that matches between a homestay family and an international student are as cohesive as possible.

Each room in the house of the homestay family is thoroughly checked to ensure that the home is a comfortable and appealing place for everyone.

All of our homes have:

A private, furnished bedroom with a window

Clean bedding linens

Nearby access to a washroom

Access to all common rooms in the house

Access to laundry facilities



Breakfast, lunch, and supper

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I want to become a homestay family. I’d like more information:

Hosting is a rewarding and exciting experience. Families get the opportunity to share their home and culture with others, while also learning about different cultures. Bonds that last a lifetime develop and future possibilities of travel and visiting your homestay youth in their home and country become a thrilling possibility.  

For more information and to book an interview please contact Cultural Bridges!

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Our experience as a host family was great- we would definitely recommend Malvina.

When we were interested in becoming a host family for international students she provided us with information about the program and reassured us that once we became host parents she would be a phone call away. Which was true. She was always there when we needed her.

– Sorina and Jordan, Homestay Family

For more information, and answers to all kinds of questions about the Homestay program, please visit our FAQ page!

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