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In Their Own Words!

Here are a few words from some of our amazing international students themselves! They loved their experiences here in Saskatchewan and and we know you will to! If you’re interested in an experience like this, we have one for you.

lou & garth testimonial cultural bridges

We recommend Malvina as your international program coordinator for English and Culture in Saskatoon.

Malvina is always gracious and full of enthusiasm in implementing around cultural inclusion. Her passion is creating cultural and linguistic experiences for youth. Her programming is always filled with activities involving host families and students.

As a Homestay Coordinator she exposed students to Saskatoon’s abundance of beautiful biking and walking trails as well as summer festivals. Malvina would include our winter’s beauty of frost on trees and fresh snowfall with skating events, toboggan festivities, and other winter adventures.

– Lou and Garth, Homestay Family

student testimonial cultural bridges saskatoon

One of the most amazing experiences I ever had in my life!

Living in Saskatoon was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had in my life. I made lots of great memories and loved friends in there. I had the opportunity to have sunny and cold days, When I got there, it was 27°C and on winter, temperatures went to – 50°C and in BOTH situations there were a huge diversity of activities to do, like the boat trip in the Saskatchewan river, and iceskating on winter (only a few of them). I miss Saskatoon because it felt like home all the time. <3

– Anderson Mendes

jordan taiwan testimonial cultural bridges saskatoon

Saskatoon has a great environment, beautiful streets and buildings, international culture and education and the ability for the kids to improve their English skills faster.

But most important thing is that Kelly and Malvina were there with Jordan. We were definitely comfortable for Jordan to stay there in Saskatoon when we know that Jordan got support from a such warm, kind, loving and righteous family.

We liked Saskatoon so much that we sent our daughter Sandy to a language program and our daughter Ivy to the University of Saskatchewan. Malvina and Kelly helped us with the whole process and took care of our children while they lived in Saskatoon.

Today, both our younger daughters have graduated and Sandy is managing a company in Taiwan and Ivy works for a national corporation in Canada. Jordan is staying at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, yet we are still thankful for all the supports from Malvina and Kelly.

– Vivian & Tim

Video Testimonials

– Andreas Alcocer Jirash, Mexico

– Flavia Santos, Brazil

Xinchen from China

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